A co-working space for creators, thinkers, artists and pioneers

If you’re passionate about your work and you genuinely believe that groups are stronger than individuals, or you simply just prefer being around like-minded people, well this is most likely a place for you.

Located in the heart of Vesterbro is the charming and preserved building Folkets Hus, historically known for having housed the labour movement and in later years facilitating some of the city’s most memorable live concerts as the legendary music venue VEGA.

As well as being a cultural centre of Copenhagen, the two top floors house a number of successful companies and creative agencies. Now, we would love to share some of our space with you.

The building

The Danish architect Vilhelm Lauritzen designed Folkets Hus for the labour movement, which would open it doors for the first time in 1956.

Driven by perfectionism, Lauritzen designed every single piece of the building. Door handles, chandeliers, electrical sockets, furniture, the large beautiful halls, the detailed wood panels and every frieze and of course the legendary, labyrinthine staircases.

For decades, Folkets Hus gathered both the rich and the poor citizens of Copenhagen, the workers, musicians, politicians and artists, from all walks of life. Could the rosewood panels and the concrete walls speak, they would tell stories of generations of idealogical speeches, cunning whispers, wild discussions and beautiful singing.

In 1994 the building was formally preserved by the government with great help from artist Bjørn Nørgaard who calls the building: “The Sistine Chapel of Vesterbro.”

In September 1996, VEGA opened its doors as a concert venue and is one of the few remaining cultural projects from Kulturby 1996. It’s now the top venue for accomplished artists coming to town; it’s even known as Prince’s preferred afterparty spot. It currently has three main concert halls plus three additional halls and is visited annually by around 250.000 people.

The neighbourhood

Vesterbro is the south-western part of Copenhagen, connected to the main train station via Istedgade. The proud red light district has become one of the most popular areas of the city in recent years. Largely due its massive sea of coffeeshops, bars and restaurants.

The building itself is located on the corner of Enghave Plads where a new Metro Station will open this summer. On the opposite corner you’ll find Enghave Parken, a classic park which is always open for a stroll. Halfway between the building and the main station is Kødbyen, Copenhagen’s own Meatpacking District where you’ll find a creative cluster of trendy nightlife and a range of high quality restaurants.


3rd floor offers both shared desks in bigger rooms and separate offices available for smaller companies. There are several meeting areas available to all and one meeting room which can be booked at any time of day.

The original kitchen is kept in its charming original shape and offers seating for approximately 10 people at a time. Here you will find the amenities you need for preparing lunch and produce your amount of coffee.

There is also a huge terrace pointing south which is open to all and is highly recommended when trying to solve problems and come up with ideas.


shared space

Perfect for independent creatives

DKK 2.500

per head per month ex. VAT

· Dedicated desk in room with 14 other people
· Access 24/7
· Meeting room
· Meeting sofas
· Wifi / 1Gbit
· Storage room
· Access to terrace
· Access to kitchen
· Cleaning, electricity, heating, etc.

own space

Perfect for a startup

DKK 3.500

per head per month ex. VAT

· Closed room for 5 people
· Access 24/7
· Meeting room
· Meeting sofas
· Wifi / 1Gbit
· Access to terrace
· Access to kitchen
· Cleaning, electricity, heating, etc.


Public transportation?

Enghavevej is a busy street. Plenty of bus options available.

Metro (Enghave Plads) opening Summer 2019.


Very good. Plenty of parking options around.

Can I receive mail and packages?

We receive any mail and all packages gladly.

What is the establishment fee?

We charge an establishment fee to cover the creation of keys and chip, signage, system and IT setup.

The fee is a fixed DKK 500.

How long is the binding period?

Our contracts are very flexible and you can therefore get away with a short notice period, depending on which deal you have with the Labour Space. Usually 1 month’s notice if you rent a desk. 3 months notice for an office.

What facilities do you offer?

24/7 hour access to:
Meeting rooms, lounge area, outdoor terrace area, and a large and old school kitchen.

Is there a storage room?

Yes we have a nice big storage room all safe and sound.


An international creative agency which has delivered award-winning work for clients such as Swatch, Ferrari, Royal Copenhagen and Amazon.

A platform dedicated to creating a larger and more diverse female representation in society. Girls Are Awesome is about pushing the idea that gender should never be a limitation.

A multi award-winning design agency specialising in creating brand identity.
A highly experienced team of strategists, designers, communicators and creatives that have completed more than 100 local and international branding and design projects.

A legendary cultural centre and one of the best music venues in Europe. Offering everything between classical music, jazz, blues, electro, house and hip hop almost every night of the week.

All companies in the building